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Edinburgh and East Lothian's Wheel Alignment Specialists

Looking for accurate vehicle wheel alignment in East Lothian? We service Edinburgh and East Lothian with cutting edge technology in vehicle wheel alignment for cars and vans. The specialist Bosch FWA4630 alignment system has 12 on-board CCD cameras which provides an accurate 3D vision of your vehicles wheel alignment.


We not carry out front and rear wheel alignment with accurate results in minutes. At Bradbury Motors Ltd, we can check your alignment as well as provide a detailed report of your results which clearly indicates any descrepancies with your alignment.


Not only can incorrect alignment cause uneven wear of tyres, it can also affect your vehicles stability and performance.


Having your vehicles wheels correctly aligned will help prolong the wear of your tyres, increase road stability an because there's less friction, it can also improve your fuel economy too!

ADAS Calibration

ADAS Calibration for Edinburgh and East Lothian

A professional calibration is essential for ASAS system performance, any accident, damage, and/or minor work on a vehicle in or around any camera/radar or adjustments to vehicle geometry, such as windscreen replacement, steering suspension or alignment set-up, ASAS systems must be re-calibrated and aligned. These systems are integrated and work together in fusion to provide you protection and can only operate efficiently when professionally calibrated and in correct alignment.

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